Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hey guys! Well, where I live right now is getting close to midnight and so I'm up late. But I wanted to  just say some things I suppose. It's getting close to August which would mean three things:-

1) Fasting month is ending
2) My birthday is coming (August 1st)
3) Well I'm 'set' on going to a boarding school this September so that's coming...

I don't know how to type this as I prefer talking but, at times I talk too much. So I wanted to address the fact that none of our lives are easy. This morning I woke up at 7:08 after I showered to put my outfit on and then go downstairs to wait for the sunrise. 

I wanted to not only wait for the sun to make its entrance but I also wanted to take my polaroid, headphones, and notebook along with me. I needed to process the things that I was confused about. So, I wrote some of it down. I have never been an outdoor person but for some reason, lately I've been wanting to go to what I call 'a grassland' and so I decided to sit on my garden. (It worked amazingly with Lana Del Rey on).

The shirt above says to inhale and exhale so at this point in my life when I'm confused with so many things, I just wanted to say that I think it's important to take breathers. Sometimes, some of those days happen where you want to distance yourself from the world and sit on nature and maybe bring along your phone or even leave it behind. 

I paired it with these items as I feel they suit the situation and also the bracelet suit the touch of me. And I kinda liked doing this breather outdoors. Which makes me wonder, do I want to live in Manhattan or Los Angeles? I mean when I grow up, and get my dream job {touch of confidence never hurts ;)} I wouldn't need to take many breathers as what I would be doing is a passion and would not feel like work. If it happens maybe New York will be more likely but if so, I would prefer the heart of the city. But what happens if I need Los Angeles to take a grassland breather? 

I mean I took an online quiz and Los Angeles came in first with New York being second and I've never been to New York but I've been to Los Angeles several times and I must say I do LOVE it there. Oh well I guess time will tell. 

That's it for now, bye! 

- Imran

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