Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How To Save $$$$$ When Shopping

Hey guys! Here are some simple steps to saving your money when shopping because I know that many of us are victims of being a shopaholic and YES I as well must take this into consideration. 

Step 1 - Cliche but works at times, ask yourself "do i need this?" Don't you already have those in another color? Why do you need them aside from looking FABULOUS? Is it comfy, stylish? Put them down, look away and leave . Do not care if they're limited edition or not. If you come back home not liking it, what was the point? Yes you could return it but all that energy wasted on something you decided to dislike?

Step 2 - BRIGHT COLORS ARE EVIL! The brighter the color the more dangerous it is. It attracts attention when displayed, makes you feel happy (which is a positive of course) makes you feel excited and then it gets locked away until next summer. Good job. 

Step 3 - KNOW WHAT YOU BUY! You can get quite forgetful once you have too many things in your closet, and sometimes you feel like you didn't buy an item yet. So make sure to know what you buy in order to save money. Key words to this step : Remember what you buy. 

Step 4 - I do not take this one for credit at all it is by : Evelina's Fashion Cafe. She said to :                GO SHOPPING ALONE. Friends are VERY encouraging when it comes to shopping so either go alone OR go with someone who can give you criticism. 

Step 5 - If you have the money and buy luxury products from Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc. BUT sooner or later you will find yourself using just one most of the time. So : EXPENSES ONLY ONCE A MONTH!

Step 6 - LAST ONE - Lets say you went over seas and you bought a nice pair of shoes. You really love them and want to style them with different outfits everyday, correct? And then once you get home some of you may find yourself just locking it in the closet and it's not worn. I do this. This would be different if it was a bag or wallet or sunglasses but shoes? The ones that get beat up the easiest? Different case. You should MAKE SURE that you wear them once you're home until they get a little bit beat up so at least you feel like they're worth it. 

Alright guys that's what I'm leaving you with today. Hoped this was helpful and hoped you liked it.        - Imran

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