Saturday, 31 August 2013

London : A Day In Harrods

Haiya everyone! So yesterday my mother and I went to Harrods which is my most favorite place to shop in London. So I'm going to show you what I got and did yesterday.

We went to Laduree after going to one shop first to eat lunch but I just ate 3 macaroons which were 2 Rose Macaroons & 1 Caramel Macaroon.

I've been to Laduree before but I just love it there because it's well decorated and the food is AMAZING especially the desserts.

And the only thing I got that day (aside from the food) was a Prada card holder. Now please don't think that I'm not thankful for this because I am. I was actually planning to not buy anything that day but my older brother recommended it but I still didn't want to buy it so I didn't. I was planning to get it the next day. But my older brother was good at persuading so as you can see in the picture, you can tell who won. Thanks! Bye <3

What I'm wearing 

Hoodie : Disney World Orlando (Hollywood studios after the Aerosmith Roller coaster)
T-Shirt : Universal Studios ( I believe the brand's name is 'Bayisland Sportswear')
Skinny Jeans : Harrods
Shoes : Ash

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